This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a networking event in my home to promote the growth of Hispanic businesses in South Florida. This newly formed group, called “Fuerza Latina en Acción”, aims to bring together Hispanic businesses to share ideas, contacts and business referrals.  The group intends to bring the best representatives from each Hispanic professional specialty, so the focus is on building solid relationships by giving referrals to other members and receiving their referrals in return.

In recent years, Hispanics have become the leading minority in the United States. With this group now making up thirteen percent of the U.S. population, we are witnessing the benefits that they bring to this economy. Hispanics have striven to prove their worth as well as their full potential in America. The Hispanic community in North America will do whatever it takes to earn the respect and dignity in this country. Despite the fact that Hispanics have gradually become a part of mainstream society, we are not just trying to fit in. We Hispanics wish to rise to the top in the fulfillment of an even bigger goal in this country – the achievement of the American dream.