I just came back from the International Coach Federation Conference that was held in Orlando, Florida. Despite the rainy days and the cold temperature (at least for me), most of the presentations I attended were informative and inspiring.

There was one particular breakout session that really struck me, and I would like to apply the takeaways to our upcoming 2010 dreams, goals and resolutions. Mark Samuel is the author of Creating the Accountable Organization and The Power of Personal Accountability: Achieve What Matters to You.” In his 90-minute presentation entitled “Transformation through Accountability: Coaching Leaders to Embody Change Mentally, Physically and Emotionally”, he shared great strategies and tools to assist leaders in creating and maintaining transformational changes in their businesses.  “Transformation is not about planning. It’s about execution.” Wow! What a deep and moving thought.

Because we are getting so close to the end of another year, it’s time we start drawing that picture of success for that person we want to be or those business results we want to achieve. How do we see ourselves a year from now? What do we want to accomplish in our personal and professional lives in 2010? Do we want to be the same person we are today, or do we want to grow, make a difference, and move closer to that human being we really want to be?

That picture of success is NOT negotiable. If we really want to transform ourselves and our businesses, we need to keep the big picture in perspective. The behaviors that are taking you to that picture of success are NOT negotiable either. Do we want to grow our business? Do we want to quit smoking, get a new job, learn a new language, reach those business goals or live a healthy life? If so, we must change our behaviors so we become excellent. We might lose freedom in the process, but the beauty of this transformation is that new freedom will come. We must execute and move toward that vision of excellence. Take action and keep the perspective with you every day; make it a reality in your mind. As you practice this, it will become more and more real each day.

So, as we get ready to welcome 2010, I want to leave you with this question: What’s your vision of excellence for 2010?