Last night I attended a networking event where I had the pleasure of meeting new people and potential business associates. One of the worthwhile practices I have cultivated over the years is to follow up with the contacts I meet during a business gathering. So this morning I went to my LinkedIn and invited the contacts I met last night to join my network. As I was entering the emails, I noticed that some people that are trying to build up business relationships are still using free email accounts like “gmail”, “hotmail” or “yahoo”, just to mention a few.

How many of you freelancers are still using a free email account for your business? If you are one of them, there is really no excuse not to get your domain name right away. A domain name is your “unique identity on the Internet”. Here are three reasons why you should get a domain name:

Domain names build credibility. As a freelance translator, you’re probably trying to attract clients beyond your geographical location. That means that the only way to be found, other than by word of mouth, is to create an online presence. Registering a domain name today costs as little as $8 per year (depending on the registrar) – not bad when you want to increase credibility to attract clients.

Domain names create a sense of professionalism. If you have a true and serious professional translation business, why don’t you treat it as such? Right or wrong, websites hosted under a domain name are perceived as more legit…very much related to the credibility factor above.  Even if you don’t have a website or blog, you should be using an email address with your domain name.  That gives the perception that you can be trusted.

Domain names contribute to building your brand name. When you have your own space in cyberspace, you can start building up your digital reputation. Your clients, colleagues and visitors come to know your name and recognize it. You become visible and more trustworthy.

If you are serious about your translation business, don’t wait any longer to register a name for it. The choices are becoming more and more limited. The time to register is now!