You are a package, one of skills, specialties and unique attributes. Many people think that giving a title to our package will be enough to explain its contents. However, automatically labeling yourself with a known job title can put you in a pool of others who probably do not have qualities identical to yours. It is imperative to recognize that you possess a one-of-a-kind package of capabilities and knowledge in various sub-specialties. Thus, a title is not going to do you any justice.

Think outside of the box that a title would put you into. Once you stop seeing yourself as bound to a title, you can be resourceful and start looking at how your skill set can be applied to various other fields. Perhaps this can even lead to that change in your target market you’ve been hoping for, or the start on that new career path you’ve been eyeing.

The package deal. Once you recognize the advantage of viewing your usefulness as a package deal, the next step is to find the perfect way to present your package to whomever you are trying to make an impression on. The final package you present is something you must tailor and tweak to your client’s needs and, for many people, this includes cultural needs. While the actual content of your presented experience history will not change, your goal is to adjust the presentation of yourself so that your clients will perceive you in their perfect way. How your client perceives you should be entirely within your control. This is achieved simply by adding that special touch in the presentation of your package in the way that pleases your client most.

The role of culture. Oftentimes, this special touch that you add to your package can be chosen based on cultural needs. People naturally feel most comfortable surrounded by people like them, who share their own customs and habits. If you can adjust the outward appearance of your package to a specific client by incorporating and embracing what they are used to, you are significantly more likely to appeal to them.  Should your culture be so unique or different from that of your client or employer, you may be able to use that to your advantage. Your differences could put you at an advantage amongst others by bringing a fresh, new perspective to the table.

Your package is not so much about you, but really more about your clients’ needs. Of course, you are a major part of your package, but the final product is something that intimately connects you with your client.