In any business, you have to get customers to know you. Who are you, though? The first step to getting visible is to define yourself. You need to create an online bio, including a photo, interests, and what you can do for people. One of the most important steps is getting a distinct URL. It’s affordable to use generic domains and free ISP email accounts. However, if you invest in yourself by buying your domain, people will see and recognize you. Plus, it instantly builds credibility for you because not everyone has their own domain.

Some other tips for increasing your visibility:

  • Upload a YouTube video introducing yourself and showcasing your expertise
  • Do webinars for clients and prospective clients
  • Develop a blog where you can talk to people about their needs
  • Produce articles for marketing and search engine optimization
  • Attend trade shows for a physical presence
  • Use white papers to prove your expertise on a technical level
  • Social media: All of it will help you if you use it well. This includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

There are so many tools out there that you can use to make your translation business known and help your clients get to know you. This will increase brand awareness and visibility, which leads to better sales in the end. There is so much that you have to choose from, but you have to use these tools wisely.

Your translation business doesn’t sell itself just by existing. It takes a little effort on your part. If marketing was easy, everyone would do it. As long as you are willing to invest the time and effort, however, it should be much simpler than you think. Keep these tips in mind for your marketing campaigns to get yourself and your services noticed.