christmas SANTA CLAUS WallpaperIf you have ever heard of Christmas, celebrated Christmas, or sang along with such ubiquitous holiday classics as ‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’, you’re probably also familiar with the world’s most famous brand, Santa Claus. Although Santa Claus is a fictional character, there are real-life lessons to be learned from ‘Father Christmas’ when cultivating your personal brand.

Santa Sells

Since the Christmas season represents the biggest revenue-driver for most business, it should come as no surprise that Santa Claus ranks #1 in terms of universal brand consistency, clarity and continuity. However, there are specific recommendations to be followed if you are contemplating the use of Santa Claus as a means of driving holiday sales, according to the Santa Brand Book, a compilation of Santa Claus-based branding guidelines developed by UK brand agency Quietroom.

Santa Says

One of the most beneficial aspects of Santa Claus’ global appeal is the fact that emotive words and phrases such as ‘joy’, ‘love’, ‘hope’, etc. can also be used to support your personal brand. By connecting your brand’s message to Santa’s and translating it into other languages, you convey a similar promise of value and consistency. Remember: in the eyes of your global target markets, what you ‘say’ about Santa says a lot about you…and vice-versa!

The Culture of ‘Claus’

As a symbol of the end-of-year holiday season, the iconic image of Santa Claus is unmatched by any other cross-cultural branding tool. Santa’s primary brand color, red, evokes a sense of family, community and sharing, and his round, jolly appearance serves as a joyous and festive beacon for adults and children alike. In fact, the attraction to Santa by children is no accident; customer retention opportunities are greatest when targeting children under the age of ten. That’s why Santa remains the industry standard for child-centric gift-delivery solutions.

Credibility ‘Clause’

Since competition in the global marketplace is heavy, it’s important to cultivate and reinforce your personal brand at every opportunity…especially during the holiday season. So don’t hesitate to use the Santa in your print, online, broadcast and in-store advertising whenever possible. You and your customers will be glad you did!

If you have used Santa Claus to effectively enhance your personal brand, we invite you to share your comments and results.

Speaking of Santa…the entire Latitudes team would like to extend our very best wishes to you, our readers, during this holiday season…and beyond!