menworldYou’re in the business of translation. Obviously, your primary focus is on your translation services, right? Wrong. Although this will take up a majority of your time, you also need to be working on the business end of things. You should spend as much time as you can in sales situations. This can be a phone call, in-person meetings, or even video conferences or emails where you can communicate with people and figure out what they need from you. If you’re always talking to people, you’re always increasing your chances of getting the sale and growing your business.

Find out the needs of your prospects by creating a list of well-planned questions that aren’t just straightforward and simple. Come up with persuasive questions that will teach you all about their situation and what their problems are. Make sure that you have them express the implications of not getting what they need, so that you know but also so that they are aware of your importance. Do a little bit of research about your potential clients to determine what they are going to need and how you can meet their objectives.

If you know how to satisfy your clients without them having to tell you directly and explicitly, you’re going to make a great impression. They will see that you really know what you’re doing in the translation business and that you care about your clients. There is so much that you can get from effective communication with your clients, but asking the right questions and putting yourself in constant sales situations is also important to your business.

It’s all about the client, and when you show them that’s what you care about, they’re sure to be impressed and will be much more likely to choose your language business for their translation needs.