There are many ways a potential client could go unanswered. Always make sure you are aware of what is sitting in your voicemail and email inbox. Even if you are the type to answer your voice calls and emails as soon as you open them, this could be a problem if you are only checking them once a week. Always be punctual, and, if that means forwarding all of your emails to your cell phone so that you are always aware of what is coming in, then that is what you must do. On the other hand, imagine you have been contacted by a big client, and you decide that you need time to make sure you phrase things correctly and make the right offers so that you can “reel ‘em in.” One of the biggest mistakes you could make in this situation is putting off responding. If you wait too long to get back to a client, you risk making your business look unprofessional and unorganized, leaving your client looking elsewhere.