You already know that first impressions are powerful, so really work on fine-tuning your strategy for meeting a potential client. Of course, don’t forget to smile. Even if you are meeting over the phone, a smile can be heard as well as seen. A good introduction can include your name, company, and a brief but interesting summing-up of what you do. Don’t simply state that you provide translation and interpretation services. Be a bit more creative and throw in power adjectives that show how your services help to increase productivity, maximize efficiency, or boost organization. In addition, find a way to instantly build your credibility without sounding like you’re name-dropping or boasting. Lastly, make yourself interesting by adding some sort of relevance to the person you are meeting. Sometimes, during an introduction, a client will put on a pleasant smile while shutting off his or her ears because he or she doesn’t foresee any potential for business with you. People love talking about themselves, so use that to your advantage by throwing in something about the person you are meeting. Remembering all of these strategies during an introduction is nearly impossible, so plan and rehearse your arsenal of perfect introductions to whip out in times of need.