You have a clear mental picture of where you would like to see your language business in a few years. You may also know how to get there—more clients, more revenue, more employees, etc. The biggest challenge is exactly how to attain the means of growth. By mapping your goals into a sort of flowchart, where you break them into smaller and smaller stepping stones that lead to the larger ones, the path to your objectives becomes visible and traversable. So ask yourself, “What do I want for my business?” and then physically write that down. Next, ask yourself, “What will it take to get there?” and continue this process as far as you can go. Keep in mind that these mini goals can even include important tasks that you think you should complete every day, such as composing a tweet, adding a specific amount of content to your website, or making a certain number of phone calls. Creating a worthwhile goal map requires a lot of work and creativity, so make sure you spend time and effort on it.