Many times, a “no” response from a potential client is just automatic and the result of conditioning. Think of how you react when a retail associate at a shop comes up to you and asks if you need any help. At a store you say “no” because many times you really don’t need any help. But every once in awhile you will run into a clever salesperson who knows how to get around this and ends up persuading you to buy more than you came for. All it takes is the ability to grab your attention; once that door is opened, that individual can continue talking to you. However, if you immediately tell someone “no”, you have already written them off and will continue to avoid them. Remember this when trying to contact potential clients. If they hastily tell you “no”, they will probably avoid further contact with you. And the sad part is that they might actually have a need for your services if they knew what they were. So, try to avoid a negative response as long as possible by coming up with clever ways to secure their attention while showing them what you have to offer.