Free Daily TipsYou most likely have a clearly defined “target audience” in mind. If asked, you could list characteristics about them, such as their industry, income level, location, etc. You also probably know why your previous clients purchased from you and how they found you. However, equally important—and something that you may not know—are the intangible, more abstract facets of your audience. In what way do your clients want to grow? What do they find important? If asked, could you accurately state their professional and/or personal goals? What is their method of tackling challenges? What are their online habits? For example, do they actively participate in social media? Being able to answer these questions about your clients will enable you to speak to them in such a way that they will want to listen. Also, because the members of your target audience will most likely share many attributes, you can reach out to them on a whole new level. The more you know about your market, the more effective you will be at grabbing them and pinpointing their interests. Regardless of who they are, your clients like to be treated as people. So get to know them!