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“Hi, my name is so and so and I am a translator in these languages. I work with this type of subjects to accomplish these tasks. What separates me from other translators is this.” After quickly telling others your job title, explain how you are different from other language service providers. The key is to grab your listeners’ attention and interest. There is a good chance that those that hear your pitch have heard many—and from other people in your industry, as well. Separate yourself from the crowd and draw attention to your uniqueness. Also, say it with confidence, and mention how your work gets results. Many times this little blurb will be your only chance to speak to a potential client. You want your pitch to make your listeners want to work with you. And even if they don’t need your services, your pitch still counts if they are interested enough to refer someone to you. Most of the time this sales pitch won’t be necessary, but when it is, say it well.