Free Daily TipsIn today’s world we constantly hear “I hate my boss” stories, which typically involve a critical authoritarian manager or supervisor. If you are in a management position, you should be a leader to those under you, not a prison officer. Your job as a leader is to help your employees grow. Become their coach by teaching them new skills, introducing them to valuable connections, and providing them opportunities to gain experience. Sit down with them every so often and discuss their long-term career goals, and find out if they are taking the right measures to get there.

The more you help your employees grow professionally, the more motivated they will become to take on new challenges. Not to mention, the level of their respect for you can only increase if they regard you as their mentor. Even if your employees do not see themselves working for your language business much longer, you should still treat them as if they were long-term.  Then, if and when these employees ever do decide to move on to other job opportunities, they will remember you for providing them with the skills they have. Your business will grow as a whole when you help your employees grow.

It’s better to grow your employees, steer them into a place that they can learn and succeed, and want to work hard and be loyal, than to have a revolving door of employees. That’s demoralizing. Glen Mazzara