Free Daily TipsIf you think networking means walking around a room, meeting people, and exchanging business cards—and maybe even making arrangements so that you can talk business—you’re mostly wrong. While this method works for some people, chances are that it hasn’t scored you many clients. Erase this definition of networking from your mind, and think of it more as building relationships. When a relationship is established and maintained, you gain a significant amount of trust and credibility in the mind of the other person. Why? Simply because they know you. And when somebody knows (and likes) you, they tend to trust and support you. Your prospective clients will be much less hesitant to do business with you because of this. Not to mention, when the goal of your networking becomes forming relationships with those in and out of your industry, you build an army of friends who will vouch for your services. And why does this work? Because people tend to choose their friends’ recommendations over their own random findings.