on the blog train! Everyone is doing it, and now it is your turn. Seeing that creating one is relatively cheap and easy, there is no risk to weigh. Unless you are publishing libel, your words can only take you and your business forward. Your blog is a housing for your creative content, whether that means original videos or articles, or maybe just your thoughts, opinions, and reflections on the latest news in your industry. Having a blog (and actively maintaining it) gives you a more significant online presence—and an interesting one, at that. The ultimate goal is to share rather than advertise. Eventually, your blog will grow enough to the point where you will have readers and commenters who provide interesting and helpful feedback. Not to mention, a blog can be artfully used to network. With it you can reach out to other bloggers in your industry and expect a reply, making valuable connections along the way. Your blog is 100% “you”; you can put as little or as much content or effort into it as you please. So use it to your advantage because it can only help you.