Free Daily TipsThey used to tell kids trying to get into a good college to be “well-rounded”. Well, it seems like the schools have caught on and now prefer more unique students—such as the insect aficionado or the piano prodigy. If your language business boasts about perfect translations in a bunch of different languages and in every industry people will be skeptical of your proficiency in every area. Many translation jobs have very specific lingo, and if you have never worked in a particular super-specific field, chances are you’ll get the translation wrong. However, if you specialize in a specific field, you gain the opportunity to become an expert in the lingo of that industry. Everyone loves an expert, a title that makes people trust in the bearer’s abilities. Choose an industry that many other translators have not, and you might just be able to score a monopoly on all translations coming from it. After all, it’s much easier to compete for business when you have no competitors.