This is something we all know from sitting in school and listening to our teachers give lectures. It’s so obvious and yet so helpful! The worst way to speak is by being monotonous, so try your best to avoid that. A person whose voice goes through tonal highs and lows and associated changes in speed will be much easier to listen to. One neat little trick is whispering. Someone who suddenly switches from a normal tone to a quiet whisper will immediately catch the attention of his or her listeners. Slowing down the pace of what you are saying will have a similar effect. Pay attention to television commercials. Remember when a super-rapid voice would list all of an advertised drug’s side effects? Now, it seems like those same side effects are being listed in a happy singsong-y voice while pleasant images flicker across the screen. This new strategy takes our minds off of what is actually being said. So, become a good speaker and learn how to control your voice to emphasize your point.

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