Chances are, one or more of the languages you specialize in as a translator are not native to you. That being said, in one of those languages your language skills probably have room for improvement. Even if you speak a language fluently, that doesn’t mean you know all of the proper grammatical procedures. Brushing up on a language can help you immensely by increasing the value of your product. The more skilled you are with a particular language, the better you are able to phrase things perfectly, so that you are fully conveying the message of your project. Not to mention, with more expertise, you will spend less time thinking about or looking up how to phrase something because the “right” way will come to you automatically. When speaking with clients, you are also more likely to be trusted with a project if you can demonstrate exceptional communication skills. So, even though you may think you are a master at your languages, think again about maybe working to improve your expertise in them.

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