Written testimonials on your blog or website are a great way to build credibility. How many times have you read the online reviews of a product or doctor before committing? Asking for feedback can be uncomfortable, but you probably won’t get any unless you ask for it. So when is the right time to pose the question? Your clients are more likely to give you honest, favorable feedback after a job well done. So if you find a client calling you after a project, thanking you for solving their problem, or even for delivering it on time, take the opportunity to ask for a testimonial. If they agree, thank them and let them know that you will send them more information through email. Alternatively, you could also send out surveys after you complete projects. Those clients who are particularly happy or upset with your work are more likely to fill them out. But keep in mind that getting client feedback is a favor on their part, so make it easy for them.

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