This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but there are too many translators and LSPs who leave voicemail messages without having a strategy, and sit around hoping for a reply. Chances are, if you are not getting a reply from a client or a prospect, you shouldn’t keep calling them and expecting differently. Instead, after leaving a voicemail, send them an e-mail clearly stating your request for a phone call appointment. Be sure to state how you can help them meet a specific need, then be sure to to say you will be calling them back. A follow-up e-mail is much more tangible than a voicemail. This will also make it more convenient for your prospect to reach out to you—emails are easier and less time-consuming to respond to. Not to mention, once you set up a formal appointment, your client will be more compelled to keep the appointment—this is a formal appointment, after all, not just some telemarketer giving you a ring.